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  • The Role of Post Translational Modification in Regulating Human Papillomavirus (HPV) E6 Functions.
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Preview The major things you are going to need to know are. Genital HPV is extremely common and can cause more serious conditions. What Genital HPV is and what types are dangerous.

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  • "The Blurred Lines of HPV and Cervical Cancer Knowledge: Exploring the " by Maisha Standifer!
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  • The epidemiology of human papillomavirus in HIV-negative and HIV-infected men who have sex with men!

Transition: Lets start with what HPV can cause. Body I.

There are many types some of which can cause conditions ranging from uncomfortable to fatal. Assays to detect integration and E2 as a marker of episomal state were developed for HPV16, HPV18 and HPV45 and applied to cervical smears and biopsies from women with varying disease grades.

The data presented in this thesis highlight that integration may not be essential for cervical cancer progression and different modes of disease progression may exist between young women and older women. Integration was detected at chromosome fragile sites but was more prevalent at SINE or LINE repeat elements; this implies a role for retroelements in the mechanism of integration. Maintained by Cardiff University Information Services. Abstract Background: Persistent infection with high risk HPV is a necessary but insufficient cause of cervical cancer.

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Behavioural, viral and host factors modulate the risk of HPV persistence. In this thesis, I explore the role of the vaginal microbiota, a host factor and the presence of multiple HPV infections, a viral factor in HPV persistence.

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  7. Considering the limited data on the epidemiology of HPV related diseases in low and middle-countries LMIC , and the limited success of cervical cancer screening strategies in many LMIC, I provide data on the distribution of HPV related diseases in Nigeria and evaluate the acceptability of innovative strategies to increase cervical cancer screening uptake.

    I begin my results chapters with two methodological papers.

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    Attrition is an important consideration for every longitudinal cohort, particularly in LMIC, therefore, I present my findings on attrition, determinants of attrition and practical strategies to ensure low attrition in studies conducted in LMIC. Considering that sexual behaviour is an important potential confounder in all HPV studies, and the reliability of self-reported history is often questioned, I present findings on the test-retest reliability of self-reported sexual behaviour history collected in my study.

    Having found that attrition levels were low and that self-reported sexual behaviour history was generally reliable within my cohort, I present my findings on the association between the vaginal microbiota and persistent hrHPV; and the role of multiple HPV infections in viral persistence.