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Ouija Boards

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Louisa, a respected researcher within psychical research circles, wrote an article in a newsletter for the American Society for Psychical Research on the subject of Ouija boards. In this article, Louisa noted the messages from the Ouija board appeared to come from the person's subconscious. She reported the fact the user wasn't even aware of his or her own subconscious personality, and the strange responses from the board created the illusion the person was dealing with another intelligence entirely.

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Many psychics point out the fact that since psychic functioning seems to originate from a person's subconscious, that may explain why psychics find that the Ouija board helps them amplify those psychic abilities. In a fascinating formative evaluation conducted by researchers Joyce Ma and Debbie Kim funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the researchers set up an air-hockey style "talking board" display as an exhibit at a science museum.

After visitors utilized the exhibit, researchers questioned them for a reaction to the device.

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They found the following. A study conducted by a post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University showed participants playing the Ouija board demonstrated eye movements that predicted where the planchette would go once they started to recognize a pattern in its movement.

Ouija boards: Science explains the spooky sensation

The study authors concluded this meant people playing the Ouija board subconsciously sought to make order in recognizable patterns, which suggests they may have played a role in the planchette's movement regardless of the fact they were unaware they were doing so. What existing research shows is that the Ouija board may work on different levels.

Psychologically, just the presence of a Ouija board can scare people. Additionally, at least a small percentage of people experience substantial enough results it often scares them from ever using it again.

How To Make A Ouija Board At Home That Works and PROOF (TUTORIAL)

Still other people overlook the cultural stigma and utilize the board for psychic, religious, or entertainment reasons. What research has proven is that the human factor needs to be present for the board to move; it cannot move on its own, and it can't work when the user is blindfolded.

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However, the ultimate source of the information that comes from the board still remains an intriguing mystery. All Rights Reserved.