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In animal experiments, we will develop experiments to determine the efficacy of specific drugs and products. Every year in the United States more than 26 million animals are used for experiments. Before they are eventually tested in the human body, new treatments and commercial products are first tested in animals to ascertain the level of toxicity of the product and the level of safety of these products. Tracing back to Greek scientists like Aristotle, animals have been in use for a long time from a biomedical point of view.

Both scientists conducted medical experiments on living animals.

Human-Patient Simulators

In the United States, it is estimated that there are 26 million animals every year for animal experiments. Animals are used for scientific development and product testing. To test the toxicity of new drugs and the safety of products used in humans, new treatments are tested in animals. For these reasons, the healthcare industry and the commercial industry are also paying attention to animal experiments. Some people think that using animals in animal experiments is not a new idea. Since BC, research and testing of living animals has been conducted.

Nevertheless, there are still people who believe that using animals for experimentation is an inhumane and cruel way.

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They believe that alternative methods should be developed to ban animal experiments. Many organizations like PETA are striving to find more alternative test methods to facilitate animal testing. Animal experiments using animals are wrong and should be banned. They should be entitled to our rights. Humans use disarmed animals everyday for cruel and often useless tests.

We can not do this because animals can not fight for themselves. There should be a more powerful law to protect them from laboratory experiments. Private enterprises operate most laboratories, but experiments are usually conducted by public institutions. The US government, especially the Army and the Air Force, has designed and implemented many animal experiments. Animal research and examination is always a discussion between science and ethics. If we leave morality aside, we can gather a lot of research, but Mukherjee said, "When I witness the science underway, I see rich tenderness Both have reached basic conclusion.

Research With Human Volunteers

Whether it's a scientist or a human being, our moral obligation is to maintain the principle of "replacement, reduction, improvement" at the heart of animal research. The scientific interests of animal experiments are obvious. Animal experiments are experiments used in animal science research. Many animals are very similar to humans By studying the monkey's brain, Roger W Sperry discovered the human brain for the human brain.

Animals should not suffer from this unimaginable pain The practice of using animals in experiments has been debated for decades and animal experiments are discussing whether the animals used in the experiments are morally correct or incorrect. Imagine being a rabbit; vertebrates and warm-blooded animals. Fly around in an empty place to eat all vegetables. Suddenly you were caught by an unknown person. You start sneezing in your cage and find a way to escape.

Approximately "25 million to 30 million" animals were developed in the experiment; "only half for education" Donna 7. What is animal test product? Is this a medicine? Or is it a cosmetic item? Some people think that animal testing products are complicated. Indeed, animal testing products are easy to find in our lives. Since animal experiments can be used for a variety of purposes, they have a long history and have been controversial for many years.

Even if they have a shorter lifespan than human, they should have a life where they can enjoy and be free because no living things on the earth should spend their short life as a slave and suffers in pains. One of the reasons why scientists still use animal testing is because this practice has been used for centuries.

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Just like other inventions and technologies, alternative testing for chemicals effectiveness had develop over years, and can now be established without harming or killing any animal. Not only the alternative methods will not harm any animals, but it also provides a better result with cheaper cost and maintains a healthier environment. Some alternative methods including the use of human stem cell, genome, the birth of functional genomics, human cell and tissue cultivator, computer and technology Maguire, T.

For example, scientist are using are using human cell to grow it into any organ in the body which also known as cell cultures. By using this, we can test out the effect directly to the organ itself and since the test is using human cell, the result will have better understanding reaction than using animal. Similar to the cell cultures, we can use human tissue to test for irritation. Human tissue can be obtain from donor, surgery such as cosmetic surgery, and dead body.

These alternative test give a better accuracy of detecting for toxic chemical than animal test. The cost of animal experiments is way more expensive than the alternative methods. When a drug failed in the humans trial, all the time and money that was spent on the experiment is lost which mean that more money and animals will be required to restart a new experiment.

Is It Ethical To Use Animals In Medical Testing?

By using alternative methods, we can make sure that all the outcome and side effect calculate before transferring the drug or chemical to the human trials. Animal testing is just a waste of money and time when the test is not useful while other alternative methods are currently available therefore it should be stopped. Other alternative methods are less harmful, violence and provide a better and accurate result.

Animals should have a right to do whatever they want instead of stuck inside a laboratory and suffer for human benefit. Animal testing is just another way to abuse animal, and since abusing animals are illegal, this should be illegal too.

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  • If other countries such as European Union, Norway, India and Israel are already banned the use of animal for testing and started using the alternative method, America should do the same too. Cozigou, G. Maguire, T. Methods in Bioengineering: Alternative technologies to animal testing.

    Statement of the problem: Animal testing

    There are numerous individuals who have disputed this claim as stated in the research question. Nonetheless, it is evident and appropriate that this phenomenon should continue for further discoveries to be realized. It is questionable how further medical research will occur and how this will materialize without the use of test animals. This is an impossible phenomenon, which demands those who are arguing against animal testing to reconsider their stands.

    Animal testing essay

    Another issue is that human beings cannot be used as experimental animals. The drugs administered into humans must be of some quality, minimized toxicity, viable to use, potent, safe, and effective.

    hostmaster.vinylextras.com/music-and-life.php This means that they have been investigated and approved by the concerned bodies after scientific investigations. If animal testing will be abandoned, no effective experimentation will occur on biological vessels. Evidently, invitro using experimental tubes experimentations are slow and incomprehensive. This means that scientific investigations will delay and sometimes results might not occur.

    It is vital to consider that animal testing has helped significantly since its inception several decades ago. It has remained a viable, trusted, and considerable experimental design for pharmaceutical products and other scientific investigations. Those who are against animal testing claim that animals are not human beings and equating the two is inconsiderable. Evidently, animal are not exact copies of humans.

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    • There are numerous differences noticeable amidst the two factions. Additionally, they argue that what works best in a guinea pig an experimental animal , might not exactly perform in humans. The two factions humans and test animals are different hence the assumption that they can emulate each other is misled. Notably, this argument is understandable; however, as the situation stands, it is still appropriate to conduct animal testing to help in research investigations.

      Humans can hardly be used for crude or undeveloped researches as the ones done with test animals. This means that animal testing is still the best option. According to Schmidt , which discusses the aspects of animal testing, recognizes that it is important to infer that what is inconsumable for test animals is similarly consumable for humans.

      It is possible to note the adverse effects of drugs with animals, make appropriate changes in the composition of the tested drug, and later emerge with effective, safe, and potent compound worth human utilization. Watson , which describes the ethical issues related to animal testing, argues that some ethical claims behind the animal testing are baseless when compared to human lives saved daily due to animal testing executed to investigate proper and effective drugs. A mere claim that it is immoral to inject or administer unworthy compounds into an innocent animal while doing research is superfluous.

      This simply means that those who are against animal testing hardly want researches to be done using animals. This is good and considerable; however, these very people hardly provide viable alternatives that can work better compared to the conventional animal testing provisions. Besides, they are also among those who gain from the findings and results achieved from such investigations. Evidently, almost all drugs currently used in the world at one point passed through animal testing to unveil their viability, safety, efficacy, toxicity levels, and other viable provisions demanded in this context.

      Concurrently, it is inappropriate to abandon animal testing as claimed by the activists. The current discoveries on genetics, reproduction, developmental biology, and study of behaviors among others could have not materialized minus animal testing. Additionally, there are other viable provisions that characterize the phenomenon besides the known pharmaceutical investigations which usually occur using test animals as stipulated before.

      In these mentioned fields, there are still considerable knowledge gaps that will necessitate further application of animal testing in order to unveil additional information. This phenomenon can hardly occur minus animal testing since there will be no specimens for further research. The ethical claims fronted by the mentioned activists should cease from hindering further investigations Watson,