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Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site. Founded by Mary Drolet, a former executive at Claire's and Montgomery Ward , in August , the store chain operated 98 stores in 28 states in the United States before closing in Club Libby Lu was an interactive children's retail environment that encouraged celebrating being a girl; the popular chain was created by Mary Drolet. An experience at Club Libby always began with a wish.

Lana & Ashley at Club Libby Lu

At the front of every door was a "fairy," who would grant the wishes of people of all ages, by sprinkling fairy dust onto guests as they walked into the store. On a beautiful day, girls of all ages sat in front of pink heart shaped mirrors, listening to pop music and were transformed into rockstars, princesses, and favorite celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale.

In addition to playing dress up for the day, Club Libby Lu VIP's Very Important Princesses , were guided by their Club Counselors over to various stations including a "potion bar" where a VIP could make her own lotion, perfume, fairy dust, or lip gloss, and a Pooch Parlor, where the guest could adopt a stuffed animal of their choice. At the end of every experience, each VIP was encouraged to join the free club, and was given a friendship inspired bracelet. In early November , parent company Saks Incorporated announced that due to the dismal state of the economy they would be closing all 98 locations.

Club Libby Lu was the subject of controversy in late December when Priscilla Ceballos of Garland, Texas made her 6-year-old daughter Alexis Menjivar write a fake essay about her father named Jonathon Menjivar as part of a contest held by the company where the winner would receive a Grand Prize of four tickets to a Hannah Montana concert in Albany, New York. In the essay, Priscilla claimed that Jonathon died in Iraq via a roadside bomb while serving in the military.

While Alexis was getting a makeover in preparation for the concert at the Club Libby Lu store in Garland, Reporter Byron Harris of ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas went to the store as part of an investigation for the station and informed Ceballos that there was no man by that name who had ever served in the military or died in Iraq.

After the story surfaced and gained national attention, Alexis was disqualified and the tickets were awarded to an alternate winner, who was not identified. Montgomery Ward Montgomery Ward Inc. It can refer either to the defunct mail order and department store retailer, which operated between and , or to the current catalog and online retailer known as Wards. Ward had conceived of the idea of a dry goods mail-order business in Chicago , after several years of working as a traveling salesman among rural customers, he observed that rural customers wanted "city" goods, but their only access to them was through rural retailers who had little competition and did not offer any guarantee of quality.

Ward believed that by eliminating intermediaries, he could cut costs and make a wide variety of goods available to rural customers, who could purchase goods by mail and pick them up at the nearest train station. Ward started his business at his first office, either in a single room at North Clark Street , or in a loft above a livery stable on Kinzie Street between Rush and State Streets.

Girl Says Dad Died In Iraq To Win Contest

In the first few years, the business was not well received by rural retailers. Considering Ward a threat, they sometimes publicly burned his catalog. Despite the opposition, the business grew at a fast pace over the next several decades, fueled by demand from rural customers who were inspired by the wide selection of items that were unavailable to them locally.

Customers were inspired by the innovative company policy of "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back", which Ward began in Ward turned the copy writing over to department heads, but he continued poring over every detail in the catalog for accuracy. In , the company's catalog, which became popularly known as the "Wish Book", had grown to pages and 10, items. In , Wards encountered its first serious competition in the mail order business, when Richard Warren Sears introduced his first general catalog. By , the company had expanded such that it mailed three million catalogs, weighing 4 lb each, to customers.

In , the company opened a 1. Catalog House , served as the company headquarters until , when the offices moved across the street to a new tower designed by Minoru Yamasaki ; the catalog house was declared a National Historic Landmark in and a Chicago historic landmark in May In the decades before , Montgomery Ward built a network of large distribution centers across the country in Baltimore , Fort Worth , Kansas City , St.

Paul and Oakland. In most cases, these reinforced concrete structures were the largest industrial structures in their respective locations. Ward died after 41 years running the catalog business; the company president, William C.

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Thorne, died in , was succeeded by Robert J. Robert Thorne retired in due to ill health. In , the company broke with its mail-order-only tradition when it opened its first retail outlet store in Plymouth, Indiana , it continued to operate its catalog business while pursuing an aggressive campaign to build retail outlets in the lates. In , two years after opening its first outlet, it had opened stores.

By , it had more than doubled its number of outlets to , its flagship retail store in Chicago was located on Michigan Avenue between Madison and Washington streets. In , the company declined a merger offer from its rival chain Sears. Losing money during the Great Depression , the company alarmed its major investors, including J.

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In , Morgan hired Sewell Avery as president who cut staff levels and stores, changed lines, hired store rather than catalog managers and refurbished stores; these actions caused the company to become profitable before the end of the s. Wards was successful in its retail business. Larger stores were built in the major cities.

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  • By the end of the s, Montgomery Ward had become the country's largest retailer and Sewell Avery became the company's chief executive officer. In , as part of a Christmas promotional campaign, staff copywriter Robert L. May created the character and illustrated poem of " Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

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    In , the Grolier Club , a society of bibliophiles in New York City , exhibited the Wards catalog alongside Webster's Dictionary as one of American books chosen for their influence on life and culture of the people. The brand name of the store became embedded in the popular American consciousness and was called by the nickname Monkey Ward, both affectionately and derisively. In April , four months into a nationwide strike by the company's 12, workers, U. Army troops seized the Chicago offices of Montgomery Ward. Albany, New York Albany is the capital of the U.

    Albany is located on the west bank of the Hudson River 10 miles south of its confluence with the Mohawk River and miles north of New York City. Albany is known for its rich history, culture and institutions of higher education. With a Census-estimated population of 1.

    As of the census, the population of Albany was 97,; the area that became Albany was settled by Dutch colonists who in , built Fort Nassau for fur trading and, in , built Fort Orange. The city was chartered in under English rule. It became the capital of New York in following formation of the United States. Albany is one of the oldest surviving settlements of the original British thirteen colonies, is the longest continuously chartered city in the United States. During the late 18th century and throughout most of the 19th, Albany was a center of trade and transportation; the city lies toward the north end of the navigable Hudson River, was the original eastern terminus of the Erie Canal connecting to the Great Lakes , was home to some of the earliest railroad systems in the world.

    In the s, a powerful political machine controlled by the Democratic Party arose in Albany. In the latter part of the 20th century, Albany experienced a decline in its population due to urban sprawl and suburbanization. In the early 21st century, Albany has experienced growth in the high-technology industry, with great strides in the nanotechnology sector. Albany is one of the oldest surviving European settlements from the original thirteen colonies and the longest continuously chartered city in the United States.

    The Hudson River area was inhabited by Algonquian-speaking Mohican , who called it Pempotowwuthut-Muhhcanneuw, meaning "the fireplace of the Mohican nation. The Mohawk were one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy , or Haudenosaunee , became strong trading partners with the Dutch and English, it is the Albany area was visited by European fur traders as early as , but the extent and duration of those visits has not been determined.

    In , Hendrick Christiaensen built Fort Nassau, a fur-trading post and the first documented European structure in present-day Albany. Commencement of the fur trade provoked hostility from the French colony in Canada and among the natives, all of whom vied to control the trade. In , a flood ruined the fort on Castle Island. Both forts were named in honor of the Dutch royal House of Orange-Nassau. Fort Orange and the surrounding area were incorporated as the village of Beverwijck in In these early decades of trade, the Dutch and Mohawk developed relations that reflected differences among their three cultures; when New Netherland was captured by the English in , the name was changed from Beverwijck to Albany in honor of the Duke of Albany.

    Duke of Albany was a Scottish title given since to a younger son of the King of Scots ; the name is derived from Alba, the Gaelic name for Scotland. The Dutch regained Albany in August and renamed the city Willemstadt. At that time the county included all of present New York State north of Dutchess and Ulster Counties in addition to present-day Bennington County , theoretically stretching west to the Pacific Ocean. Albany was formally chartered as a municipality by provincial Governor Thomas Dongan on July 22, The Dongan Charter was identical in content to the charter awarded to the city of New York three months earlier.

    Dongan created Albany as a strip of land 16 miles long.

    click Over the years Albany would lose much of the land to the annex land to the north and south.