Alternate ending to romeo and juliet essay

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Share this play. Set: Multi-level unit set. Pricing Information Min. Published Reviews "Whip-smart and hilarious On what terms do you think you're allowed back? And Juliet!

You…you're alive! They are old enough to make their own decisions, no matter what family discrepancies there may be between the two of you or your husbands. Montague and Capulet look at each other and nod. Romeo and Juliet look at each other puzzled.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Romeo: My love, why did you have to go? All of these plans and now none will ever happen.

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Romeo looks at potion in hand. If you're not here with me, there is no reason to live. Romeo raises potion to his lips. For you. Juliet awakes and sits up. Juliet: Romeo! Romeo drops potion.


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Romeo: Juliet! I thought you were dead! Juliet: No, why would you think such a thing? Everyone ends up living in harmony in Verona.

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The second alternate ending that I came up with was a tragic ending for the lovers Romeo and Juliet, but a happy ending for all those in favor of the Paris and Juliet romantic match. Just like in the scene above, this scene would begin during the fight in Act V, scene iii. In my scene, when Romeo accidentally mentions his poison plan to Paris, they stop fighting to formulate a plan. They mutually decide that they will both be miserable without Juliet, so they each choose to drink half of the poison so they can be with her forever. The men split the bottle by pouring half into the hands of Romeo.

Romeo slips into the hands of death just as Juliet begins to stir. Paris lies to her by saying that Romeo knew that she was not dead but was so angry that he wanted to show Juliet the pain of missing a lover forever. Juliet believes Paris, and falls in love with him just as quickly as she fell in love with Romeo earlier in the story. Juliet and Paris move to Mantua in order to begin their new lives together.

After actually thinking for a second, he thinks better of it and decides to go fetch Juliet once she wakes up. The groundskeeper has had a boring night, so he decides to pick a fight with the intruder of the graveyard. Romeo respectfully explains that the last time he was in a fight with someone, they fought to the death. It takes the man a minute to comprehend what Romeo has just said, but once he does, he runs out of the tomb to find Lord Capulet.

He runs to Lord Capulet to inform him that there was a random guy in their family tomb. Juliet finally wakes up to see her lover. Romeo quickly explains that someone has gone to get her father, who will soon find out about all the shenanigans that have been going on. They move into a little cottage just outside the city. Shortly after moving, Juliet has their first child, whom they call Hedwig.

The lovers eventually sit down and talk about how rash they were for moving into love so fast a few short months ago. They realize that meeting, getting married, and faking deaths was all a little too much for one week. They also realize what this thoughtless, shallow love has done to Hedwig, and agree to divorce.

A Happy Ending for Romeo and Juliet Essay - Words

All of their possessions went to Juliet, who kept Hedwig. Romeo was kicked out of the home. Because he had no money and no family or friends to support him, he had to live on the streets. He eventually scraps up enough begging money to get some poison from the old apothecary in Verona. The sketchy potion does not work. Juliet finds out about the suicide attempt and sees how much she means to him. She decides that they can try to work it out for the sake of the emotionally unstable Romeo.

They do work out their all of their many differences, slowly but surely, and live happily ever after in their little cottage outside the city of Mantua. Instead of listening to the romanticized plan of the Friar, she comes up with her own solution. Friar Lawrence agrees that this plan had a better chance at turning out well for all parties involved. Word is sent through Friar John to inform Romeo of this not so elaborate plan.

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When Romeo finally gets word of the plan, he is overjoyed about coming back to fetch his love. He leaves Mantua immediately to return to Verona. He can see a candle light coming through the cracks underneath the door. Juliet runs out of the room, extremely happy to see him.

Friar Lawrence comes out of the room to speak with Romeo.

Romeo And Juliet Final Essay

The Friar informs Romeo that somehow word got out about him being back in Verona. Because he was exiled earlier in the story, Romeo was never to be allowed to reenter Verona again. Romeo did not even think of this as he rushed back into the city. Romeo steals a horse from one of the guards of the gates to the city and throws Juliet on to its back.

He hops on the horse as well and they ride off into the late sunset towards Mantua. The two star-crossed lovers lived happily ever after, together in the city of Mantua. This fifth alternate ending scene begins right after Friar John is told to stay locked up in a house as to not expose himself to the Black Plague.